Cardmaking: A-Z of Cardmaking Letter “A” is for…

A is for;

Art: This is the expression of a visual creative skill and its application like painting, or drama and more on a creative scale.

Arc: This is a part of a curve or an enclosing circle.

Artwork: work of art, crafted item or craft item made by the crafter or artist.

Airbrush: This is a manual or electrical tool which sprays paint by using compressed air.

Accordion Card: This is a greeting card with a series of similar-sized panels or parallel pleats created by altering folds

Acetate: This is a firm clear plastic sheet that can be printed on or not and used in a variety of craft activities or projects.

Adhesive: This is a liquid or solid substance used for sticking or bonding items together.

Adjusting: This is the process of moving or altering an element to another position.

Aperture Greeting Card: This is a punched window view or cut-out hole on a card to view the inside of the card. An aperture card can have a design on its edge to give a decorative effect or can be of any shape as well as be covered with a clear object used as a dome or as a window film. This opening can be filled with confetti, seed beads and many more.

A-Paper Sizes: These are sizes of paper which can be A4, and so on.

A2: This is a paper size of half an A1 and measuring 420mm by 594mm in portrait or 594mm by 420mm in landscape orientation.

A1: This is a paper size of half an A0 and measuring 594mm by 841mm in portrait or 841mm by 594mm in landscape orientation.

A0: This is a paper size measuring 841mm by 1189mm in portrait or 1189mm by 841mm in landscape orientation.

A5: This is a paper size of half an A4 and measures 148mm by 210mm in portrait or 210mm by 148mm in landscape orientation.

A4: This is a paper size of half an A3 and measures 210mm by 297mm in portrait or 297mm by 210mm in landscape orientation.

A7: This is a paper size of half an A6 and measures 74mm by 105mm in portrait or 105mm by 74mm in landscape orientation.

A6: This is a paper size of half an A5 and measures 105mm by 148mm in portrait or 148mm by 105mm in landscape orientation.

A3: This is a paper size of half an A2 and measures 297mm by 420mm in portrait or 420mm by 297mm in landscape orientation.

A8: This is a paper size of half an A7 and measures 52mm by 74mm in portrait or 74mm by 52mm in landscape orientation.

A9: This is a paper size of half an A8 and measures 37mm by 52mm in portrait or 52mm by 37mm in landscape orientation.

A10: This is a paper size of half an A9 and measures 26mm by 37mm in portrait or 37mm by 26mm in landscape orientation.

Advanced: next level of difficulty level that is not beginner or intermediate but for experienced or expert in the craft.

Angle greeting card: This is a card cut and decorated at an angle which is measured in degrees or radians on the space between two lines or surfaces that intersect.

Advent Calendar: A piece of card with numbers on each to be opened on each day leading to a festive celebration thereby revealing a picture or gift appropriate to the festive season.