Canvas painting video tutorial for Anino’s video book titled ‘The Versatility of A Digital Image in Various Crafts’ takes its spot on Anino Ogunjobi TV YouTube

Anino has released the video tutorial on “lineart to canvas painting” using the image in her video book titled “The Versatility of a Digital Image in Various Crafts”.

This video tutorial is on her YouTube channels “Crafters Media”, and Anino Ogunjobi TV.

About the video

*The video will demonstrate how to resize the image using graphics software to fit the fabric canvas.

*Saving the image.

*Printing the image.

*Transfering the image.

*Masking- traditionally.

*Creating the background.

*Highlighting the curves of petals and leaves.

*Creating dimension and folds on the petals and leaves.

*Using colours in hues, saturation and lightness.

*Tips on protecting the colours on your painting palette.

*and many more.

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