Digital Art: Duration over two months, Clip Studio Paint tutorial theme for December 2023 extends to 31st January 2024

Clip Studio Paint tutorial theme is from December 2023 to 31st January 2024., which is two months.

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This month’s themes

Take more time to workshop your article over two months

December 1, 2023 ~ January 31, 2024, 10:00 JST/01:00 UTC

It’s a new year, have any new Tips to share?

Prize pool of US$20,000 with twice the chance to win.
Tips of the Month winners will be selected from Tips that follow the themes and participation rules.
This month’s themes are “Drawing perfect lines for beginners,” “Surprising Clip Studio Paint Features,” and “Scenes with Illumination.”

Theme 01
Drawing perfect lines for beginners

Explain your tips and effective ways to practice drawing lines using Clip Studio Paint for beginners not used to drawing digitally. Share your recommended brushes, pen pressure settings, and other Clip Studio Paint features!

Theme 02
Surprising Clip Studio Paint Features

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by features you didn’t know about in Clip Studio Paint? Let us know! Or, how about sharing the features of Clip Studio Paint that you wish you knew about earlier?

Theme 03
Scenes with Illuminations

The holidays are an enjoyable time for cities to sparkle and shine with illuminations and lanterns. Share how to draw joyful scenes of sparkling cities by using Clip Studio Paint and Clip Studio Assets.

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