Indicating new features as it presents the latest version of its sewing software, Soft Byte Ltd FittinglySew3 launches

Soft Byte Ltd launches the latest version of its sewing software, FittinglySew 3.

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???? Introducing Fittingly Sew 3 – Unleashing Creativity with Enhanced Features! ???? OUT NOW!

Upgrade your sewing experience with the latest version of Fittingly Sew! Our team has worked tirelessly to bring you a host of new features that will revolutionize your pattern designing process.

Here’s a sneak peek into what Fittingly Sew 3 has to offer:

* Seamlessly Enhanced Seam Allowance Lines

* Innovative Annotations with Automatic Construction Lines

* User-Definable Notches for Tailored Precision

* Vibrant Colored Piece Outlines for Distinct Designs

* Buttons & Buttonholes Made Effortless

* Locking Pieces Together for Seamless Integration

* New View menu options

* Export to Various File Formats with Ease

* Adjusting Pieces for Stretchable Fabrics

* And MUCH more…..

Upgrade to Fittingly Sew 3 today and elevate your sewing projects to new heights! Embrace the power of creativity with our cutting-edge features. ????✨

Visit our website to place your order or to upgrade from earlier versions of Fittingly Sew. All new video tutorials here: