New Month: Be disciplined in pursuing your goals( business, hobbies or careers) with 366 days of creativity, Welcome to May 2024

Happy New Month!

We welcome you to May in the Year 2024.

This is the fifth month of the year.

Our theme for this year is “Be disciplined”. We will be peeking at the future of the creative industry for our hobbies, businesses or careers with 366 days of Creativity.

We are going to check into each sector of the creative industry by learning something new and enhancing the skills we have learned.


I am sure you enjoyed the daily prompt for April 2024.

This month, we will continue with our daily prompt from last month.

Some of these prompts will be in videos, animation, games, ebooks or pictures.

We will be exploring or demonstrating various craft media, mixed media and multimedia so check in everyday of this month to see if the prompt is for a creative sector, craft community or craft that you love.

Let’s keep you engaged in creativity.


Some terms or words are being used in craft and these are found in our programme titled “Crafters Dictionary”.

Anino is designing animated videos for Crafters Dictionary.

This will continue regardless of Anino working on a game called “Crafters Dictionary”.


We will be opening our inventory to see what we have in store for you. From free downloads, tips and tricks, memes, quotes, stories (Reminisce of A Crafter, Diary of Athena) books to read, featured products, featured designers and many more.


There are some jobs in the creative industry and we will feature them in this programme titled “Crafters Application. Jobs will include design submission, design team, and many more.


12 Crafts of Machine Knitting – background Design Part 1(where we designed a mermaid gown(flared edge) using DAK 8- DesignAKnit charting software) is now on our YouTube Channels (Anino Ogunjobi TV and Crafters Media).

More demonstrations from the book, “The Versatility of a Digital Image in Various Crafts” will soon be on our YouTube channels this month.


Have you seen the animated greeting cards fold tutorials that we have been sharing? Well, we are advancing it soon.

Minimum of once a month, we will thrill you with a little animation clip made either in Clip Studio Paint, DrawPlus x8(discontinued), WebAnimator Plus4 or Moho Animation.

Animation clips will be on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Pages while a combination will be on our YouTube channels and the links will be on the blog.


Anino’s game titled “The Refinery of Colours” has been updated and is only available as a download and browser play version.

You can play it on your browser or download it from here:

Our 100 days with games in still in place. However, Anino is working on a word game titled “Crafters Dictionary”. This game is based on products and services terminology used in the Creative Industry.

You can read about it in the previous post here ( )


How are you preparing for this month? How are your creative activities going?

We hope to inform, inspire, entertain and educate more this month.

We pray that this month is kind to you and your family.

We wish you good health.

We celebrate and appreciate you!

Until next time,

Enjoy the month, and be inspired by the things around you.

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