From graphic icon to a knitwear design

knitted multi coloured stripe gather gown small

I designed an iconic stripe gown (motif) using a graphic software

and I decided to knit the iconic stripe gown (pictures below) using a knitting machine.
I also altered the shape of the gown.The iconic stripe gown is an A-line gown/dress while the knitted one is a gather gown/dress with buttonhole shoulder opening.
The stripes are thesame for both the iconic gown/dress and that of the knitted.
You can crochet or hand knit yours if you desire. Also if you desire to machine-knit the gown you can watch how to in our youtube video below.
Happy designing, crochet and knitting!
stripe gown motif by anino ogunjobi (ahudybery)
1 knitted multi coloured stripe gather gown small




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