3D printing a mini-me is now possible Printing technology from Germany ,turns selfies into 4in action figures.

Source: DOOB-3D








Unlike Dr. Evil who had to clone Mini-me, selfie fans can now easily 3D print miniature versions of themselves.

Developed initially to scan cancer and stroke victims and aid the fitting of prosthetics, German company Doob 3D added whimsy to its printing technology by using it to 3D print mini-mes.

The company recently set up a 3D scanning booth called Doob-licator in New York City’s Chelsea Market. Customers go into the booth, strike and hold a selfie-perfected pose. More than 54 Canon EOS Rebel T51 DSLRs take photos simultaneously to create a full-body scan.

The 18MP images are then turned into a 3D model of the subject, which in turn is printed at a different facility using high-resolution 3D printers from 3D Systems and a resin polymer. The result is a 3D selfie, a detailed 4in figurine of the client.

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