What is a rubberstamp?

clear stamp various images





According to the oxford dictionaries, a rubberstamp is a handheld device for inking and imprinting a message or design on a surface.

Rubberstamp, can be used on a variety of surface;  Fondant (icing), textile, paper/card, wood and much more.

A Stamp can be made from

  • Polymer
  • wood
  • potato
  • rubber
  • foam
  • and much more

Rubberstamp can be mounted on wood, acrylic mounting blocks or a sturdy object. Some rubberstamps are clinging (they are sticky on their back), so they can  hold fast or adhere to something. The clear rubberstamp are clinging .

Rubberstamp mounted on a wood

rubberstamp mounted on wood
rubberstamp mounted on wood


Clear Rubberstamp: They are see- through. When this clear-rubberstamp is placed on a clear acrylic block; One can see the placement of the stamp on the surface to be stamped.

clear stamp swirl tree
A clear rubberstamp on a clear acrylic block







Polymer Rubberstamp:

polymer stamp by joanna sheen
Polymer stamp by Joanna sheen
see d stamp by docrafts
see-d stamp by docrafts








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Happy rubberstamping!