Head tie “Gele” with no tying

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The headtie popularly known as “gele” among Africans is a beautiful headgear for occasions like weddings (including traditional), birthdays, and so on.

It complements the Africans, English, and various attires  in a unique way.

Alot of people want to wear this “Gele” but do not know how to tie it. As the saying goes, Once you Identify your problem, then you are a step closer to your solution.

The solution for those that don’t now how to tie their headtie is here!

Born from a love of African fashion, Queen of Gele is the must-have gele (head-gear) brand for afro-centric ladies who want to complement their stunning traditional outfits with edgy, fashionable and on-trend head ties without tthe stress, pain and sweat that comes with attempting to tie the gele themselves.

Queen of Gele was formed after several failed attempts by the brand founders to tie gele themselves. They tried it all: attending various gele tying courses, spending precious hours following “easy to do” YouTube tutorials and even having to pay at parties to have it tied.

Knowing there mustbe an easier way the founders decided to set-off on a journey of innovation to find the perfect solution to share with ladies all around the world.

Reminiscing about Clark Kent’s speedy transformation into Superman, the founders were inspired to create a gele that could be worn in 5 minutes or less. Combining their creative, technical design and fashion drafting skills, the “5 MinutesTo Perfection”gele was born.



They have just launched their first collection which showcases 5 easy to wear designs. Visit their website for more information, or better yet take a look at their YouTube how-to tutorial & behind the scenes videos. Keep updated via their Instagram & Twitter feeds.

Contact Details

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queenofgele?fref=ts

Instagram: @queenofgele

Twitter: @queenofgele

Pinterest: @queenofgele

YouTube: @queenofgele

Email: info@queenofgele.com

Makeup by Epiphanniea– Instagram @epiphanniea

Photography by Eggcorn Studios