Introducing Adobe Elements 14: Bye-bye camera shake and hello selfie’s best friend

adobe element 14

Adobe is introducing its Photoshop elements 14 and premier elements 14 software.

Unsteady hands? shake it off with Elements 14: From smartphone selfies to tablet scenes and action-cam footage, you take more photos and videos than ever before.

Keep focusing on the memories — the new Photoshop Elements 14 & Premiere Elements 14 will make them look great.

Missed the perfect shot? Photoshop Elements 14 has you covered: Eliminate camera shake and haze in seconds, get help adding a sense of motion and get five customised looks tailored to fit each photo — check out these new features and more. watch the clip below.

Rough clips? Premiere Elements 14 turns them into incredible movies: Edit and view 4k videos, pop colours in a scene for instant wow and get step-by-step help creating slow- and fast-motion effects to add drama and energy. See all this and more. watch the clip below.