“The ‘Hat’ is my great passion” says Natasha Marinacci Modista






Catherine at Guy Morse- Brown has been speaking to Natasha in the last couple of weeks ,  “The ‘Hat’ is my great passion;  discovered throughout my cultural, professional and artistic voyage which started after graduating in Literature, Philosophy, drama and Cinema from La Sapienza Università,Rome; she said. 

Natasha followed her degree with a fashion diploma from Accademia di Moda e Costume, and then went on to work as a costume assistant in the film and theatre industry. This training and experience has been fundamental to my professional development. Each one of her creations, born from the amalgamation of her intense studies, a passion for the past and a craving for the contemporary.

Natasha’s ultimate goal is to create hats which are not just a simple accessory, but which perfectly “define” the essence of the wearer.”
67b5c61d-c656-4ba5-9eb6-5bdf6bce10f5Natasha assists and teaches at Atelier il Bagatto alongside owner  Eolo Helder Fontanesi in Bologna as well as teaching in Rome. The course seeks to impart knowledge and  technical skills that characterize millinery, tailored through a rich training aimed at enhancing the tradition, culture and the Italian millinery technique. The classes follow a practical approach mainly aimed to learning the craft from the perspective of artisan.
Millinery classes cover:
History of the Hat and its presentation.
The SHAPE most suited and short hints on the Colour Analysis.
How to BUILD a shape.
Necessary tools and their availability.
Pattern Hats.
Blocking Felt and Sisal.
Finishing and decoration of the Hat, hand stitch and embroidery
Atelier il Bagatto, via vicolo Mandria 3/a, 40126, Bologna. Tel. 0039-051222984, web-site: www.bagattobologna.com

owner Eolo Helder Fontanesi.
Natasha Marinacci Modiste millinery teacher in Rome
Tel. 0039-3465185234