You really want to be a Black Belt knitwear designer? Lknits asked

black belt knit wear designer

Lknits posted a summary of ” what it takes to be a black belt knitwear designer” on her Instagram’s page” . Screenshot of her post is below.

  • What does it take to be a great designer?

    A black belt is not something you wear. It is something you become.
    – Sensei

    If your goal is to become an exceptional designer, then
  • you MUST get your black belt in knitting, design & business, because the truth of the matter is, no amount of marketing, branding, email courses, webinars, podcasts or coaching will help you sell patterns if your skills aren’t up to par.
  • You must constantly strive for improvement in all areas of your work & business in order to become successful.
  • No one achieves any level of success without constant & continual improvement.
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