Zhengzhou university students knit 500 scarves to keep the city’s street cleaners warm during winter

students knits scarves for cleaners

Like most of northern China, Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan, has been experiencing some unusually cold and snowy weather recently with even a further temperature drop on Sunday.

Students at one university have banded together to help bring some warmth into the lives of those that have to work outside in these chilly conditions.

Around 300 students from the North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power knitted almost 500 scarves to give to the city’s street cleaners to help them keep warm. A group of representatives from the cleaners arrived at the university on Sunday to receive their handwoven scarves.








One of the volunteers told reporters that this is the third year in a row that they have woven scarves for cleaners. iFeng reports that the students were mostly male and therefore almost completely incompetent at sewing anything, so sometimes it took a few days for some to make even one scarf.








It’s nice to see that scarves can be used for more than just to make pocket money for a Porsche-driving tuhao.











Source: shanghaiist.com