Knitted chevron/ V-stripe sweater by Anino Ogunjobi is our knitwear of the week

Knitted v- neck diagonal, chevron stripe sweater or jumper by Anino Ogunjobi

Knitted Chevron jumper/sweater by Anino Ogunjobi is our knitwear of  the week.

Anino knitted this sweater/jumper on the Silver reed’s SK280 knitting machine which is a punch-card and standard gauge, flat-bed knitting machine.

Anino knitted the front-left of the sweater in diagonal(rotated 45 degrees right) and She did the-same for the right(rotated 45 degrees left). The front-left and the front right were joined(sewn) together to form the Chevron/ “V-stripes”.

However, the back of the sweater was also rotated to correspond with the front design, this makes the back and front of the sweater/jumper  the-same(similar) in style.

This design calls for striping, increasing and decreasing stitches  to achieve the diagonal effect.

Anino used the designaknit software popularly called DAK to design and rotate this knitwear, to enable her match the design accurately.

This design can be hand-knitted, crocheted and quilted (using strips of/jellyroll fabrics).

Until next post, Happy Knitwear designing!