Homes: Iconic James Bond villain lair for sale in Palm Springs at £5.6 million ( five million, six hundred thousand pounds)

The spaceship-shaped property with a spectacular view is, on the market for approximately £5.6m. This place was Willard Whyte’s hideout in the film, Diamonds are Forever. Pictures below.

Designed in 1968 by renowned American architect, John Lautner, Elrod House takes some beating.


This world-famous property boasts a 60-foot wide circular living room with a conical dome that fans out dramatically in nine ‘petals’.
The property was Bond villain Willard Whyte’s lair in Diamonds are Forever.
In one famous scene, Bond – played by Sean Connery – creeps into Elrod House and is pounced on by two sultry guards, Bambi and Thumper.

'Petal' design in the roof.

View out to the mountains.Property tucked into the rocks.

James bond lair in Diamonds are forever

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