Talented 17-year old from New Zealand knits elaborate gowns from plastic bags

Teenage designer knits together PLASTIC bags to create elaborate ball gowns

  • Havilah Koledoye, 17, of New Zealand makes gowns out of plastic bags
  • The design student has featured her work at New Zealand Fashion Week
  • She is currently making another gown out of plastic bags and can tops
  • The plastic is woven together using knitting needles so it won’t tear 

It took Havilah Koledoye 150 plastic bags, one month and a pair of knitting needles to create an elaborate ball gown.

The talented design student from Pukekohe in New Zealand is passionate about sustainable fashion, and at 17 years old has already featured her work on the runway at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Havilah told stuff.co.nz plastic proved a versatile material to work with, and she is currently working on her second design.


‘It’s quite durable, you can stretch it to anything, it doesn’t rip or tear and I’m ironing the back so it looks all neat,’ she said.

‘I’m just trying to minimise the waste that I use.’

Havilah is currently working on a second, statement gown, and has already received 300 plastic bags which were donated by her local community.

Culled from: dailymail