Machine knitting of Christmas/Winter : Machine knitted Patchwork Blanket for a Single to King size bed

Keep your bed warm with this snuggly and graceful machine knitted patchwork blanket for a baby cot, single bed, double bed or king size bed. This machine knitted patchwork blanket is so quick to make. Knit blanket as panels and then stitched together to make a large blanket. This blanket can also be crocheted or hand-knitted. I made it for a double size bunk bed.

Material needed

  • Knitting machine- Silver reed SK280 or any flat-bed knitting machine
  • Yarns – 6 colours x 600grams each( I used Robin DK yarn 100% acrylic by Thomas B. Ramsden)
  • Cast on comb
  • 1 by 1 needle pusher
  • Knitting machine claw weight
  • Sewing machine with thread or Crochet hook or Tapestry needle for joining the knitted panels
  • Ravel chord
  • Bed-size measurement including the sides of  the bed (for tucking the blanket).

Tension swatch: 27.03 stitches and 45.45 rows = 10cm square ( 14.80cm in width = 40 stitches and 13.20cm in rows = 60 rows).




Step 1: Divide the length of the bed size by the size of the square to determine, the number of squares to knit(do same for the width). Each square measures 16 inches. Each panel’s width – 16 inches and length- 96 inches.

I designed the blanket panel using Designaknit software(DAK 8) to determine the stitch and rows to be knitted to form a square and the panel. The Original pattern drafting and the Interactive knitting part of the DAK8 software were used.

These colourful panels were done using Inkscape software.



Step 2:  Push 55 needles on the Left  to 55 needles on the Right to working position. With the 1 by 1 needle pusher, push every alternate needle(from the second needle) to non-working position.


Step 3: Set the carriage to knit stockinet stitch. Tension mast at 3.


Step 4: Stitch dial on 7. With waste yarn, knit one row and hang the cast on comb.


Step 5: Knit few rows with the waste yarn and end with carriage on the Left.



Step 6: With ravel chord knit 1 row from left to right.


Step 7: Set row counter to 000 , with stitch dial on 7  knit 4 rows with gray coloured yarn. Pick loops as for mock rib( this is to form a tiny edge for the blanket when the ravel chord has been removed).


Step 8: Set row counter to 000, set the stitch dial to 8 and then knit 184 rows with the gray yarn. Change yarn feeder coloured yarn to yellow and knit another 184 rows.

Step 10: Continue knitting 184 rows of each colour until panel has been completed(1104 rows). Knit 4 rows more row counter shows 1108 and then cast off. Stitch panels together with the sewing machine and thread or use a crochet hook and yarn or tapestry needle and yarn. Edges of blanket can be crocheted, hand-knitted or steamed to prevent it from curling.