Craft news: Congratulations to Claritystamp Limited as they acquire Pergamano(parchment craft)

It’s a biggy for a little company like Clarity, I can tell you! Massive actually” Barbara Gray of Claritystamp limited wrote on her blog as she rejoices on Claritystamp limited being the new owners of Pergamano (see screenshot below).


Text on image reads,

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Remember that huge news I have been teasing you with?
Well, today it became official.
We are delighted and excited to announce that Claritystamp (that’s us)
are now the new owners of PERGAMANO.
Told you it was a game changer, didn’t I?
I have been bursting to tell you for weeks,
but paperwork and transfers had to be sorted,
so you understand now why I couldn’t spill.It’s a biggy for a little company like Clarity, I can tell you!
Massive actually.

You know when something happens which you never even considered, because it was way way outside of your radar?
Well, there you go. Miracles do happen.

So I shall see you on Sunday on TV.
2-4pm and 5-6pm
No big fanfare, no big Ta-dah!
Just the same as always,
but now you and I know what’s what.

Love & Hugs
from a very excited



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