Magazine: Open letter from Benjamin Levisay stating why Winter 2016 issue of The Knitter’s magazine (in print and digital format) is the final issue

Benjamin Levisay’s open letter on why Winter 2016 issue of The Knitter’s magazine, (in print and digital format) is the final issue of Knitter’s Magazine.

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January 17, 2017

Dear friends of Knitter’s Magazine,

It’s been 32 years and 125 issues—from K1 (that’s my twin brother on the cover) to K125—and we feel fortunate that you have joined us on the Knitter’s journey.

Over 3+ decades the worlds of publishing and knitting have evolved. To meet the new challenges, we have grown along the way—happily adding XRX Books, STITCHES Events, and an active digital presence. Meanwhile, the major shift in the marketplace from paid-print to free-digital content required different approaches. Now, the recent retirement of key members of our publishing team allows us to refocus for the next generation of XRX, Inc. So, K125 (Winter 2016, in print and digital format) is the final issue of Knitter’s Magazine.

We couldn’t be here without you, and we are dedicated to doing our part to continue a good working and knitting relationship with each of you. Individual letters are in the mail to our subscribers (so we can make arrangements to reimburse or credit for remaining issues), advertisers, contributors, shops, and other associates. Note: If you’re a subscriber, haven’t received your letter, and it is after February 1, 2017, please call Sandy at 800-237-7099, extension 10 or e-mail so we can track down the problem and take care of it.

Back to the refocus: STITCHES will continue to be front and center. Our events are full of inspiration not only for knitters and crocheters but also for quilters, sewers, weavers, embroiderers, and other crafters. This has happened spontaneously, and now we are deliberately adding those choices to our teacher and vendor lists while maintaining a strong core of knitting and crochet. Watch for new STITCHES events—Expos and Camps—and the occasional XRX Book.

So…what else is on the horizon? Soon you will see our website change from the to STITCHES.Events. Our editorial team, led by Rick Mondragon, will produce and publish a wide range of projects and articles on that website. This gives us a platform for cool, high-quality content, which will be free to you and anyone who wants to share our interests, experiences, and archives. We know you’re going to love what we have in the works.

Knitter’s Magazine grew out of our passion for knitting—in all of its colors; teaching—in all of its voices; and learning—in all of its wonder. Our newest “pub” will be on-line, free, and cross-craft, extending beyond knit, crochet, and other fiber and fabric crafts—creating a space big enough for all we love to do, all we love to make. We’re cycling back to our beginnings with energy, passion, and, we hope, you.

Thank you for your friendship and support of Knitter’s Magazine. We look forward to “seeing” you online and at one of our STITCHES Events!

All my best,
Benjamin Levisay
XRX, Inc — STITCHES Events, Knitter’s Magazine, & XRX Books


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