Three months craft challenge: 0-3 months old machine knitted gathered gown with buttonhole shoulder opening

Here is my project by  for the craft challenge this week. The 0-3 months old gathered gown with shoulder buttonhole opening has been knitted on the SK280 knitting machine by Silver Reed(although any flat bed knitting machine can be used). This gown has been designed with the DesignAknit charting software by SoftByte.

The DesignAknit cable used is just to show that you can use the cable for interactive knitting (computer to any knitting machine).

The video on how I designed and knitted the gathered gown with shoulder buttonhole opening is on Anino TV Youtube, It is a 5hour video and has been divided into part 1 and part 2.

Below are the links to watch how I designed and knitted this gathered gown on Anino TV Youtube.

In this video you will see how we turned a jumper\ sweater into this gathered gown and added the shoulder buttonhole opening for ease of wear.

Hand knitters and crocheters can follow the steps demonstrated in this video.

Materials needed

Charting Software- DAK 8(Design A Knit)

Cable- (optional)- DAK Brother Link 5 cable

Yarn\  Wool- 100% acrylic Double Knit(DK) yarn Lavender(53) by Thomas B. Ramsden

Knitting machine- SK280 or any flat bed knitting machine

Garter bar- standard gauge(or depends on the knitting machine you’re using)

Casting-on comb

Sewing Machine

Sewing Thread


Hand sewing needle