Craft Challenge: Filing and Storing Fabric Swatches

I have lots of Fabric Swatches from printing and proofing fabric designs.  For the craft challenge, I will be designing, laminating and filing the fabric swatches from a fabric collection that we designed and printed.

Here is a step by step detailed video tutorial on Anino TV Youtube(link below) on how we designed the template, laminated the fabric swatches and then filed them.

You can download the template that we designed in PDF format: Fabric swatch folder template by Anino Ogunjobi

You can also download below, in it Jpeg(picture) format at low resolution.

The advantage of filing the fabric swatches using the method is that,

  • It makes it easy to store the fabric swatches.
  • It makes a good fabric portfolio/ album since the design and other information are included.
  • It is great for sorting the swatches into collection.
  • It keeps your fabric swatches neat and tidy.
  • and many more advantages which I know will pop from you as we file our swatches.

Materials needed

Publishing Software- Serif Page Plus x8( any other graphics software can be use especially if it has shape tools and text\ fonts

Laminating machine

Comb bind machine

A4 File Folder

Laminating pouches

Copier paper


Fabric Swatches


Step 1: Collect the information that you need for the fabric.  Design the template inn a software of choice and insert the information about the fabric design. Print the template on a copier paper

Step 2: Place the copier paper inside a laminating pouch, place the fabric on the copier paper, cover the copier paper and fabric with the laminating pouch and then laminate.  Using a hole punch or the comb bind machine, punch holes  on the left side of the laminated fabric swatch and then file in a lever arch folder.