Currently working On: Knitwear- cardigans, bags, jumper and layered gowns – Anino Ogunjobi

In the London, United Kingdom, the weather is so cold and I(Anino Ogunjobi) am preparing some Knitwear to make on the Knitting Machine.

This particular collection includes; bags, skirts, cardigans, jumper and gowns. You can see the sketch and colour-in of the cardigans, bags, jumper and layered gowns below.

I had a request to design and knit a cardigan step by step on our YouTube channel- Anino TV.  I haven’t forgotten. I have already designed the cardigan on DAK 8 (Designa A Knit 8) and will upload the video on how I designed it so that we can start knitting. It’s a child’s cardigan for a 7 year old. Hand Knitters and Crocheters can watch the video too.

Until then, Happy Machine Knitting!



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