Design Submission: Setting themes like Enchanted, Argyles revisited and  The new basic sweater with a view of the Pantone colour trend for New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 , Vogue moves in with a design submission call for the next issue of its Vogue Knitting Holiday 2019 while lacing a deadline of 20th May 2019

Vogue makes a design submission call for the next issue of its Vogue Knitting Holiday 2019 and the deadline is 20th May 2019.

Read the press release.

Dear Designers,

We are gearing up for the next VK issue, Holiday 2019. Here are the themes we have put together for this season. We look forward to seeing your design submissions.


  • Focus on lace
  • Slightly cropped or oversized, boxy sweaters
  • Scarves and wraps
  • Sparkly, metallic yarns
  • Deep bold hues


  • Traditional argyle motifs but with an updated feel
  • Single motif, asymmetric, added intarsia motifs
  • Classic silhouette, deep V-necks
  • Cardigans and pullovers
  • Classic yarns
  • Traditional and non-traditional coloring


  • 80’s inspired
  • Exaggerated sleeves and shoulders (balloon, bell, shoulder puff)
  • Deep sleeve cuffs
  • Versatile, slouchy, boxy, and A-line silhouettes
  • Luxurious wool blends

To see the Pantone colors of this season:

Please submit your design submissions by Monday, May 20th, 2019.


Please submit a ONE PAGE .PDF with your images and brief explanation of your techniques. Make sure to include: YOUR NAME, EMAIL, SHIPPING ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER on the submission. Any submissions without this info may not be considered.

When sending us your submission, please take into account the following procedures, which will help us to expedite our communication with you:

• Make your presentation as organized and concise as possible.
• If submissions are mailed in, they will be returned as soon as we are finished with them. Due to space restrictions, we cannot hold all designs that are submitted for the duration of the selection process. Should you receive a few but not all of your submissions back, it means we are holding the balance for possible placement and will return them as soon as the process is complete.
• If submissions are emailed in, you will hear from us if your design has been selected. Due to the sheer volume of submissions that we receive it’s not possible to respond to every one.
• If you want to use any of your submissions for another purpose during the review process, send an email to asking to take out of consideration the particular submission(s).
• Please do not telephone or email with inquiries as to the status of your submissions.
Bear in mind that we reserve the right to hold and review design submissions for all of our publications until such time as the design selection process is finalized for a season; this may take up to six months.

Designs can be either mailed or emailed (but not both please). Follow these guidelines for submission:

Mailed Submissions:
• A swatch should always accompany a design sketch. Please staple them together.
• Mount sketches and attach swatches to 8.5″ x 11″ sheets.
• Make sketches dark enough to photocopy and keep a photocopy of each submission for your own records.
• Print your name, email and phone number clearly on each page.
• Include a self-addressed stamped envelope to ensure your swatches and sketches are returned.
• Mail to Vogue Knitting Magazine, Design Submissions, 104 West 27th Street, 3rd Fl, New York, NY 10001

Emailed Submissions:
• Send clear scanned images of swatches and sketches and be sure that each file is clearly labeled with your name, address and phone number. Also make it clear which sketch and swatch are to accompany each other.
• If necessary, we will request a hard copy of a submission.
• JPGs or PDF files work best for us at 72 dpi only.

Please note that submission of a design does not guarantee publication in the magazine.

VOGUE Knitting Design Team