Craft News: Hochanda TV confirms Matt MacNamara and Charlie Hopkins leaving Hochanda

According to a post by Hochanda Tv on its Facebook page, Matthew MacNamara and Charlie Hopkins are leaving Hochanda.

From the screenshot.

It is with great sadness that we confirm Matt and Charlie have decided to depart Hochanda to seek new opportunities. They have been part of the Hochanda family since we launched in 2015 and while we are sad to see them leave, we wish them the very best for the future.

We are blessed to have such great presenters here at Hochanda and watch this space… some new faces will be joining the team and coming to your screens soon!


  1. Oh dear, never mind. Can’t say that I’m sorry. Charlie was well over the top sometimes and Matt used to treat the viewers like idiots, I used to think that I was watching children’s tv some days. Obviously 2 more reasons not to watch create and craft. Just keep on doing what you are doing Hochanda.

    • Hooray! now I can watch the demos without listening to Charlie going hysterical and Matt droning on – now please transfer Janice over to C & C and I will be very happy!

  2. Never mind,they are leaving for a lesser channel.please can we keep Leonie though,love hochanda,keep smiling, sue

  3. Oh well I suppose it was to be expected. Please keep Leonie at Hochanda as she is brilliant. I wont watch CC anyway even if they do go there. I cant stand the presenters on that channel. Keep New Suppliers coming on H as they are really nice.
    Sandra C

  4. I guess we know where they are going, I might be wrong. Charlie wasn’t the smartest of presenters, looked like he needed some new shirts that fitted him. Poor old Matt was boring, he couldn’t have sold me a new battery if the one in my torch was flat.
    I love Hochanda, will always watch, good presenters, a more professional channel.

  5. what can i say another two bite the dust, wonder where they will pop up??? please dont loose leoni back to, you know need her we —–need her.

  6. Wondered where they went Gone over to C & C to suppose, no loss I’m afraid. Cc presenters awful anyway, only loss to them is Dave Bradford!

  7. Oh Dear , I really enjoyed those two. They could be daft at times but that made it more fun.
    It seems sad that the presenters from the beginning have left. As long as they keep Leonie I guess I will get over it. Took a peep at C&C the other day. Same as ever presenters annoyingly taking the limelight and how the guests put up with it I can only think they must be desperate.

  8. Yes I am sorry Matt has left Hochanda he was funny but still let the craft guests do there thing
    I am not a fan of Leonie likes sound of her annoying voice too much but love Alex,don’t let her leave again best presenter by a mile
    love Hochanda too.

  9. Sad to learn the news even sadder to see some of the responses of the viewers. They must have a reasonable following or the opposition wouldn’t have wanted them. Good luck to the new presenters

  10. It is sad when people leave, but I can not warm to CC in any way was initially gutted when Crafters Companion and Tonic left Hochanda did order the magazine kits from CC when they launched them but incorrect orders and shipping details means that I will not do it again, straight back to Hochanda for me loving the new presenters and suppliers always something to buy and if there is a small issue with an order it is sorted straight away with no fuss, whereas CC don’t actually read the emails you send let alone rectify the issues.

  11. Sorry to hear that Matt and Charlie has gone, but don’t be surprise when you see them on C&C. This will give the new presenters time to establish themselves on TV, so don’t be shy guys. Hochanda has lovely craft suppliers, especially totally patched who are my favourites and the membership is great, so keep up the good work guys.

  12. Gone to Create and Craft, following a number of suppliers. Plus Dave Bradford of course who showed little loyalty considering that Hochanda employed him after his stint at that debacle, the Craft Channel. C&C seem to be pursuing a fairly aggressive poaching policy, bad for Hochanda and bad for crafting customers if there is no healthy competition in craft TV.

  13. I think some of the comments about Matt and Charlie are unfair. I really liked them , they have nice personalities and it’s a shame they’ve gone to CC and I think in time they’ll regret it.CC is so boring now, products extortionately priced, no £10 to spend on membership renewal and I think they’re struggling. They group products together so you have to buy in bulk and I’m truly sick of the one trip pony Disney stuff which is of little use if you want to sell but they keep quiet about that!. Keep going Hochanda, by far the best craft channel.

  14. Thank goodness Matt has gone, boring , creepy and talked over the guests all the time. Get rid of Hayley, Leonie((can’t say a sentence without ‘obviously’ in it) and the Italian one. Janice and Alex are lovely, keep them at all costs.

  15. They won’t be missed or Mr Bradford, don’t watch C&C, irritating presenters. Hochanda have much more unique items. Perhaps Hayley could talk a little slower and a bit less and sorry but having problems following and understanding the new girl Paula? Italian? Keep up the great work though Hochanda

  16. The Italian, uh oh, just realised he is Greek. Yiannis of course, loves himself and treats viewers as if they are thick.

  17. Although their leaving may have inconvenienced many viewers, the presenters surely have to do what is best for themselves and their families and/or circumstances first and foremost. Why should they consider the viewers when making employment decisions? It’s none of our business! We can be disappointed that they’re leaving but surely should be wishing them well in their future endeavours. As for Crafters Companion and Tonic, you would think they could pedal their wares over both channels in order to reach the maximum amount of crafters. Why does it have to one channel or the other? The answer that comes to my mind is ego, they want to be the big fish in a small pond.

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