Digital Craft: Perspective Rulers, Pop Art and Mechanical Design become themes in the Clip Studio Tip Themes competition for August 1st -September 1st 2019

We just want to remind you of the Clip Studio Tip themes for August 1st -September 1st 2019.

Read the press release.

Each month, we’ll select the best tutorials from chosen themes on Clip Studio Tips across a range of genres, giving out up to $US10,000 worth of rewards! Why not create your own tutorial to share your tips and teach other creators about Clip Studio Paint?

Entry period: August 1st (Thurs) – Sept. 1st (Sun)

Theme 01

Perspective Rulers

Outline perspective ruler techniques showing how to build structures such as buildings. Introduce original ways of using perspective rulers in your everyday artwork.

Theme 02

Pop Art

Share your techniques and methods of creating colorful pop art work! Introduce and explain frame and tone usage or how to extract lines and color palettes from photos or 3D materials.

Theme 03

Mechanical Design

Take advantage of Clip Studio Paint functions and demonstrate how you draw cars, planes, robots, and more in an efficient and balanced way! Explain techniques for drawing metal and metallic objects.



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