Home Cooking: Steak Pasties

For our home cooking project, we made steak pasties.


Diced beef

Butter- Salted 125g, and unsalted 125g

Sunflower oil

Plain or all-purpose flour – 750g

Beef Casserole mix

Egg for glazing(optional) I didn’t use it


Dessert spoon



Pastry brush

Rolling pin

Pasties cutter


Step 1: Wash and put the meat in a pot. Add pepper and boil until it is cooked. Do not add salt because the beef casserole mix contains salt.


Step 2: When the meat is cooked, add the beef casserole mix and two dessert spoon of sunflower oil to the beef and the beef stock.


Step 3: Mix flour and the butter together and add water to make the dough.


Step 4: Dust the work surface with flour. Roll the dough and cut shapes using the pasties cutter.


Step 5: Fill one side of the cut-shape dough with the beef or steak filling and cover the filling with the other side.


Step 6: Close the edges of the pasties using the handle of the fork.


Step 7: Put the pasties on a baking paper covered baking tray. Bake for 45 minutes, 150 degree Celsius, the middle layer of oven.


Step 8: Enjoy your pie.

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