Home Cooking: Yam Dishes- Boiled Yam with Steak, Butter Beans and Spinach Delish

For our home cooking, we made boiled yam, steak, butter beans and spinach delish.


Yam( you can use potatoes)

Butter Beans -canned x2


Sunflower oil

Scotch bonnet

Tomatoes paste or purée x1

Seasoning cube- Maggi

Diced beef



Step 1: Wash and boil the beef. Don’t forget to add seasoning to it.

Step 2: Cut, peel, dice, wash and put the yam in the pot. Add salt and boil the yam

Step 3: When the yam is cooked, sieve from the water.

Step 4: Wash and put the spinach in a saucepan. Do not add water.

Cook the spinach. The spinach will emit its own water from itself.

When the water from the spinach is near dry, add the tomatoes paste and grounded scotch bonnet.

Step 5: Add seasoning and one cooking spoon of sunflower oil to the spinach. Add the beef to the spinach delish.


Step 6: Sieve the water from the butter beans and add the butter beans to the spinach delish.


Step 7: Cover the delish with a foil and let it cook for 10 minutes under medium heat.

Step 8: Serve the boiled yam with the delish.