Magazine: I’m so proud to say Welcome to Blossom #6! Amy Butler exclaims with the free launch of her Blossom Magazine Issue 6 on Issuu

Blossom Magazine Issue 6 by Amy Butler is now available to read on Issuu.

Read the press release.

I’m so proud to say Welcome to Blossom #6!
We’ve collaborated with a beautiful collective of people who have been generous in sharing their journey, insights and artistry! I am so excited for you to pour through the pages and find inspiration from the uplifting content. I know you will discover something that feeds your spirit and warms your heart.
Blossom is about positive connection and finding ourselves reflected in the people around us. We are all here to lift each other up by being who we are meant to be and share our gifts and talents with the world. When we observe someone else’s path including the challenges and the joys, we begin to see the way through for our own journey. As we step authentically into our unique expression, we also give others permission to do the same. And that’s exactly why we are here. What’s interesting is the road twists and turns and doesn’t look like everyone else’s path. However we can trust that it’s shaping us in preparation for stepping into our purpose. We’ll know when we’ve landed there because whatever arises will be the things that make us most happy and are in service of others.
Please share Blossom with your friends and help spread the love. The more we share, the more people we can inspire!
Thank you for being on this journey with me and for giving yourself the gift of time to explore. Dave and I both to thank you for being here!
Love and Peace,

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