New Product- Textile: Fashion Formula’s Avio Cotton Mix Fabric asks for an encounter with customers

Fashion Formula’s Avio Cotton Mix fabric is out.

Read the press release.

Amazing new Avio Cotton Mix out now

Meet our Avio Cotton mix fabric – from only £11.99 per meter

Get stunning colours on our new innovative Avio Cotton Mix fabric

Amazingly priced – and starting at £11.99 per meter before volume discounts or only 50p per 20 x 20cm sample print, it’s a great way to get your designs onto fabric ?

A Cotton-feel,Polycotton blended fabric with a high Poly thread count to give fantastic colour brightness and good durability whilst retaining its cotton feel and softness ?

Its light- medium weight makes it such a versatile fabric for craft, fashion or interiors.

Why not trial your designs on it today…