Craft Company: ‘As from 11 November 2019, we have regained control of the brand’ Imagination Crafts emphasizes with chronicles of its journey

Imagination Crafts has released a statement of regaining control of its brand.

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A Statement from Harvey and Sue
As we are sure you have noticed over the past few years Imagination Crafts has undergone some changes, mainly the licensing of the Brand to Crafters Companion. The reason behind this was we decided that after over 25 years in the craft industry and working many long hours building our business we wanted to take life a little easier and by passing the day to day running of the brand to a well respected company we could achieve this.

This arrangement has now come to an end, as from 11 November 2019, we have regained control of the brand and we would like to take the opportunity to thank Crafters Companion for their involvement. Our products are no longer available for sale on their web site. We have now taken up the invitation and decision to work with our long time manufacturing partners Cadence and to market our products under their brand name.

Sue and I gave up our facility at the time of the original licensing which meant we had no storage or infrastructure for distribution so we needed another partner who could do this on our behalf. We have settled upon Create and Craft with whom we have worked very closely over the years and they have the capacity to distribute the products.

Further more they are currently setting up a brand shop on their website so the products will be available both on their web site and on the web site. Although we are using the Cadence brand for Sue Baker Presents, Imagination Crafts will be back, however we are changing the focus for Imagination and broadening the products, techniques, and creativity for which we are so well known.

After months of hard work we will be launching the new look Imagination in the New Year when Mandy and Sue will be introducing you to something new and exciting.

We all feel it is time for something new and a bit different and working alongside Cadence we have a fabulous opportunity to take you into yet more creativity that we know you will enjoy.

We would like to thank all our loyal customers, our amazing DT past and present and the exciting opportunities we have been given by our new partners.