Craft News: Tattered Lace 12 months magazine subscription 2019-2020 launches 7pm GMT, 22nd November 2019, Create and Craft TV

Tattered Lace 12 months magazine subscription from 2019-2020 will launch at 7pm GMT, 22nd November 2019 on Create and Craft TV.

Read the press release.

? NEW Subscription

Did you know the below benefits are included in your 12 month subscription?

⭐️ An EXCLUSIVE die and stamp (with charisma and 5 colourways) in every issue
⭐️ At regular intervals throughout the year, you will receive 2 extra dies
⭐️ EXCLUSIVE tutorial videos for projects in the magazine every month, with access to the archive of previous magazine issue videos
⭐️ Printing papers included and are also available as a download

Be sure to tune in to Create & Craft TV Thursday at 7pm! ⏰

**First Issue sent out will be Issue 73 in December

✅ 12 magazines
✅ 12 dies
✅ 12 stamps
✅ 12 templates
✅ 240 papers which are also available as downloads.


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