Reminisce of a Crafter: Train Ride #PromisingProfit

Season 1 Episode 11: Reminisce of a Crafter- Train Ride #PromisingProfit

Madison tells her story.

Today, I decided to wear a Seagreen shirt with matching trainers and a belt. My hair was in a ponytail.

I am off for a sight-seeing. Camera bag slung across my shoulder, I boarded a train.

I was hesitant about this trip but needed some pictures for a book that I was illustrating. I wanted to take the pictures myself, perhaps I will return with great inspiration from nature and the people I will encounter.

I positioned my camera and started taking pictures as the train got in motion. I used a shutter speed setting to get a good view and snapshot of some images in motion.

The seats opposite mine and the seats by me were vacant.

Three beautiful ladies came in and sat down. Two were opposite me and the other sat by me.

I overheard a discussion between the passengers behind us.

Someone was promising a business deal with lots of promise on profit-making. I took some lovely pictures with my camera as I enjoyed their discussion.

The orders will be on pre-orders and the customer’s money will be used to procure the goods while the customer will wait for twelve to fifteen days for delivery. They kept on discussing the deal.

The outburst came from the other passenger as she is a customer, not a supplier or seller. She talked about all these things and analyzed them that in everything, it is the customer that suffers and pays the exorbitantly priced goods.

I noticed a lady at the other end listening to this argument too. She spoke aloud for all to hear, the customer should fight with his or her purse, refuse to buy, use what you have or go to China directly. Don’t let them sink you into debt.

As a customer and a businesswoman. I understand both views.