Spoonflower in a Giveaway Session ’til December 22, 2019 with the question “When will we have time to craft for ourselves?”

Spoonflower has announced its ultimate giveaway and the deadline is December 22, 2019, while winners will be announced by December 30, 2019.

From the screenshot.

✂️?? All of the holiday crafting and gifting has got us asking a somewhat selfish question: “When will we have time to craft for ourselves?”

As much as we enjoy making for family and friends, we can’t help but love the quiet hours spent in our craft rooms sewing a special #memade project.

We think you deserve a holiday treat for this selfless making: it’s time for our annual ✨Ultimate Craft Day Giveaway!✨⁠⠀
We’ve partnered with some of our favorite creative brands (tap our bio link or head to today’s Story to see them all!) to give away 5 prize packs with all the essentials for a day of DIY, valued at $750 ?⁠⠀

Spoonflower Prize Pack