Clock Change: Spring Forward with One-Hour as Clock Changes for Springtime {British Summer Time (BST)} at 2AM UK Time, 29th March, 2020

It’s time to change your clock for the British Summer Time (BST).

Don’t forget to change your clock. Clock moves forward with One Hour at 2AM UK Time, 29th of March 2020.

Remember the phrases,

“Spring forward, Fall backwards”.

Spring Forward to indicate Spring time clock change when clock time moves forward with 1 hour and Fall backwards to indicate Autumn\Fall season clock change when clock moves backwards with one(1) hour”.

It is that time of Spring when you have to change your clock to 1(One) hour ahead because it is daylight saving time(DST).

Don’t forget to change your wristwatches, if they are not Radio-controlled.

Computer and TV time changes automatically.

Therefore, we spring forward (march forward) with clock-time change.

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