Considering Key workers who visit grocery stores and find no essentials, Iceland creates NHS shopping hour

Iceland Stores dedicate its last hour of store trading to NHS workers.

Read the press release.

NHS Shopping Hour


We wanted to let you know that starting today, we are introducing NHS shopping hour, with the last hour of store trading dedicated exclusively to NHS workers. For details of opening hours by store please check our Store Finder.

We are introducing this to allow NHS workers to more easily access the food and groceries they need.

To keep each other, our colleagues and customers as safe as possible we are taking the following steps during NHS shopping hour:

  • We will be asking for NHS photo ID at the store entrance, we’re sorry but if you haven’t got ID you won’t be able to shop during exclusive hours
  • We will only be accepting chip & PIN payment, and ideally contactless where possible
  • We will not be accepting cash payments
  • Please only pick up products you are going to buy. If you do touch a product we’d ask that you please purchase it

We will be working diligently to keep surfaces clean, that means we will be cleaning while customers are shopping in store.

We’re in this together and we want to do what we can to help. We ask all of our customers to support us in making this possible, and thank our colleagues for their continued commitment during this challenging time.

Your Iceland Team

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