Event: The Art of Natural Perfumery, 14th March – 15th March 2020,  Castle Orchard, Putley, Herefordshire, UK

The Art of Natural Perfumery is taking place from 14th March to 15th March 2020 at the Castle Orchard, Putley, Herefordshire, UK.

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The Art of Natural Perfumery – 14th March – 15th March 2020

Castle Orchard Putley UK

An appreciation of a lost art as we explore the creative and sensual possibilities of using natural oils in perfumery.

Natural essences resonate with our emotions and our memories, as well as our body, mind, and spirit.

This weekend we will delight in the aromas of the natural world, creating our own individual perfume using essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Link: https://hedgerowmedicine.org/courses/2018/11/2/the-art-of-natural-perfumery-r3a9a-jtspz



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