Magazine: Exclusive interview with commercial photographer Johnny Carr, Highlights include free Chris Weston DVD and Nikon D780 review, Spring 2020 Practical Photography magazine in auto-exposure creative projects on newsstands

Spring 2020 of the Practical Photography magazine is now on sale.

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The new issue of Practical Photography is on its way and is packed with loads of spring-flavoured projects and ideas to inspire you…

Free gifts
Exclusive 35-minute Chris Weston skills video, 10 hi-res rustic textures, 12 stylish bokeh backgrounds and more.

Take your most creative flower photos
Inspirational projects to try indoors and out, whatever your skill level, from flat lays and water drops to splash effects and mono fine art.

Capture the passing of time
Three fun capture-and-edit projects that present very different ways of showing the passing of time in gritty urban landscape settings.

Pro showcase
Sean Weekly talks swapping his green beret for wildlife photography and his close encounters with spectacular birds, bears and wolves.

Know your stuff
Flash know-how Settings, techniques and projects for using more than one flashgun at a time for more creative lighting.

The edit
Step-by-step tutorials on adding rainbows, focus stacking, retouching portraits and overlaying textures. Plus, download your free Lightroom guide.

Nikon D780, Sigma fp, Fujifilm X100V, Olympus E-M5 MkIII and the ten best lightweight backpacks for under £90.

Join us in Chernobyl
We’re delighted to introduce our first-ever photo tour, in partnership with Zoom Photo Tours. We’ll be heading to Chernobyl in September and you could join us here!

We hope you enjoy the issue,

Practical Photography editorial team.

Due to overwhelming customer feedback and our commitment to reducing unnecessary packaging, subscription copies of Practical Photography now feature a download link only for access to all multimedia content and not a CD. You’ll find the download URL on page 6 of every issue and all you have to do is enter this URL into your web browser’s address bar (not the search bar) to download your free content.

If you subscribe to the digital edition, your issue will be in the app and available to download on Thursday 12th March.

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