Webinar: Pantone’s Colors of Cooperation and Hope for Spring/Summer 2021 webinar, 15 April 2020 is full

Space for the Pantone’s Colors of Cooperation and Hope for Spring/Summer 2021 webinar taking place at 4PM BST,  15 April 2020 is now full.

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Botanica: Cooperation and Hope for Spring/Summer 2021

Wednesday 15 April 2020/ 11:00AM ET (4:00PM BST)

We are learning we cannot take the important things for granted including our connections to others and our relationship with nature and all things botanical.

For Spring / Summer 2021 we look to a world that teaches us how to be flexible, how to adapt, how to be resilient, how to live with more cooperation and hope in line with this new feeling is a palette of colour highlighted by quieter, more natural tones, as well as bursts and blooms of brilliant and stunning floral hues that cross the spectrum.

Join Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute as she explores key colour trends for Spring / summer 2021.

Link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/webinarFull

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