Gaming: Screenshot of a Bus Stop in Clay Modelling for Crafters TV 3D Virtual Environment Game– Anino

I am currently working on a three-dimensional virtual environment for gaming and this can be used for animation and virtual reality. I am using 3D Max.

Our bus stop has improved in structure and design. It needs to be textured but before the texturing, here is the bus stop in clay modelling.

*I can say that I am learning fast. I will need to practise more and everyday so that I don’t forget the steps and also be able to make different items for the virtual environment. We move……

Below is the link for when I started designing the bus stop with shapes.



  1. Hi Anino, this looks gorgeous. I wish I could model as well as this, but I would like to see the finished article with all the textures. Can’t wait to see it

    • Hello Bob Marmalade,
      Thank you.
      I am still trying not yet confident. I still have a long way to go in learning this software. I will post the texturing soon. I have already done it but not so sure it looks great.

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