Machine Knitting: A-Z of Machine Knitting- Letter M is for …

Letter M in machine knitting is for …

Machine Knitting: This is the act or craft of knitting or making knitwear with the aid of a domestic or industrial knitting machine.

Motif: This is a graphic or image or design element that is represented on the knitwear or when designing the knitwear in charting software.

Mylar: This is a machine knitting graph sheet or an optically-read pattern sheet that designs can be drawn on to scale and read by the knitting machine.

Measurements: This is the size or length derived by using a measuring tape’s unit of measurement.

Measuring Tape: This is a plastic, wooden or metal device with graded metric markings used to determine the size and distance of an object.

Main Colour: This is the dominant colour in knitwear when designing or when the knitwear has been made.

Making up: This is the act of joining the knitted pieces to form the knitwear or garment.

Mattress Stitch: This is a sew-up stitch pattern used for sewing seams together.

Metallic yarn thread: This is a thread or yarn that is metallic and can be used to add glitz to knitwear.

Mistake: This is an error encountered or made when designing or making the knitwear.

Mock rib: This is a ribbed stitch pattern that is made by folding stitches to imitate a ribbed effect and lacks the elasticity of a real rib stitch.

Mitred Corner: This is a corner or border with edges joined at a forty-five (45) degrees angle.

Markers: These are knitting or crochet accessories in the shape of a split ring or safety pin made from plastic or metal and used on knitted or crochet pieces to mark a position.

Materials: This is a list of things an item is made out of.

Machine wash: This is a term used to indicate that the yarn can be washed in the washing machine.

Mitten: This is knitwear in the shape of a boxing glove for hands and does not have the fingers partitions like gloves.

Multi-coloured: This is a term used for knitwear that is made up of different colours.

Maintenance: This is the act of taking care of the knitting machine regularly to enable it to be efficient when working with it.

Method: This is the process or steps or techniques taken to achieve the desired result.

Multiple: This is the act of having several parts, types and many more.

Multiply: This is the process of increasing something a number of times.

Motor Drive Unit: This is an electrical device that can operate the knitting machine carriage to and fro to ensure the knitting machine knits without assistance. Some Motor drive units can have rows to knit programmes in them without the knitter moving the carriage.

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