Gaming: Anino places the designing and programming of her game titled “Crafters Empire” into sections as she hints at the game’s contents

I am currently working on a game titled “Crafters Empire”.

Crafters Empire is about a creative designer who turned her idea into a business and engages in diverse industries in her journey to protect her company.

Taking a look at the image you will notice that it shares a similarity with our Crafters Empire’s logo.

Here is one of the sceneries for the menu tab of the game. I am still working on this scenery so it will be different from the final scenery in the game.

From time to time, I will post or share my work-in-progress as graphics, infographics, screenshots or/ and video clips.

The prototype of the game will include various games but you can play a section as you desire.

I still have a long way to go and as a “Games Designer”, every step is crucial and not to be rushed since a little mistake in my programming or codes will be bad.

There is a section titled “Creative Industry” and a paint-by-number game is included as well as a game where you can design or build your own artwork like Floral bouquets, Fashion styles, cakes and more and add sentiments.

One of the sections is titled “Leisure and Entertainment” which contains visual novels and environmental storytelling- This has a game titled “Crafters TV” which is a stand-alone game and has been incorporated into this game due to research that I am working on.

My upcoming book titled “Dreams Come True- The Park” which is about a fairy girl called “Flower Human Girl” (FH Girl) will also be in this section.

A romance visual novel will also be included.

I will not reveal everything that will be in this game yet but as promised, I will share sketches (digital/ physical), screenshots, video clips and infographics.

Until then,

Let the game programming begin!


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