Crafters Inventory- Books: Day 3- Narrative Design “The craft of writing games” by Michael Breault

From Crafters Inventory’s book section, we are delighted to feature on Day 3, a book titled “Narrative Design -The craft of writing games” by Michael Breault.

About the book

Narrative designers and game designers are critical to the development of digital and analog games. This book provides a detailed look at the work writers and designers perform every day on game development projects. It includes practical advice on how to break into the game industry as a writer or game designer. Readers can use the templates and detailed instructions provided here to create lively portfolios that will help open the door to jobs in the game industry.

Key features of this book:

• An intimate look at the workings of AAA game development from someone who has spent decades embedded on teams at well-known companies.

• An insider’s look at the game industry, including advice on breaking into the industry.

• Detailed instructions for creating a portfolio to demonstrate narrative design and game design skills to prospective employers.

• Lessons and exercises to help students develop narrative design and game design skills.

• A how-to guide for college instructors teaching classes in narrative design and game design. Detailed assignments and syllabi are included.

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