Reminisce of a Crafter- A touch from the Cloud Keeper #CloudWatching

Cheryl writes about her encounter with a cloud enthusiast.

As I sat down gazing at the clouds trying to identify them, I sensed a presence and I looked up to see who it was.

He looked at me and smiled. I returned the smile.

Hello, I noticed that you have been watching the sky or should I say the clouds. If I may ask, Are you looking for something up there?

I laughed and gave him a quirky look… well, if you say so Mr Spectator, I laughed.

Hahaha, you have already named me because I said that I noticed you were looking at the sky, Miss Cloud Watcher.

Cloud Watcher? Is that the name that you can come up with? You can do better than this… I replied.

Alright, I am Kestrel, he said but didn’t extend his hand towards me for a handshake.

I cannot tell you my name. I don’t speak to strangers, I said.

Oh! I just told you my name… he said.

Hmmm! You are still a stranger… I replied.

I love clouds and I like calling them by their name instead of the generic name cloud that is why I am fascinated seeing you trying to identify them.

Oh really! That is cool. I do know the name of some clouds but not most… I smiled

I continued sketching the clouds and there was silence just the gentle wind tossing some leaves and the trees whistling a subtle melody. It was like those moments in a fantasy movie where the heavenly beings are playing the lyre.

If I am to come back into this world, I want to be a Cloud Angel. I want to make different things with the cloud and send messages to humans using the clouds, he said as he broke the silence.

You know there are some fearful or terrifying clouds, right?

Of course, like the Mammatus clouds, he replied.

Will you like to control that too?

Of course, I have to obey the creator, he replied.

I nodded in agreement.

Please, can I take a look at your sketchbook? He asked.

I gave it to him since the book didn’t have my name or any name on it.

He flipped the pages of the sketchbook and paused at one of the cloud images where I drew the hydrological cycle.

This is impressive… he said

You can speak your mind, I will take no offence at the feedback if we can discuss it together…, I said raising my eyebrow in a questioning way.

I wasn’t complimenting the artwork, I was complimenting the detail of the hydrological cycle, he said.

Oh! I exclaimed. It seems I speak before I think, I replied and we both laughed.

Is there anything specific that you want to use clouds for instead of just cloud watching?

Previously, none but now, a lot of things. I like to create a design and write something with the cloud as the theme.

It sounds interesting… You can write a tale about us, how we laughed, talked about clouds and yet I don’t know your name, he replied.

I smiled and chuckled.

He pointed to some clouds and called them by name. He even called the classes or classifications of each cloud and its species. He took pictures of some clouds too.

Can I write something in your sketchbook, I nodded and handed him the sketchbook and the pen. He sketched us and some clouds together. He handed me the sketchbook.

This is a memorable moment. I will take my leave now, Miss Cloud Watcher.

Take care Mr Kestrel, the Spectator and Cloud Keeper, I replied and he laughed out loud.

I hope to see you in the future. I am glad our paths crossed.

The sentiment is the same, I replied.

I sat for a while, watched the sunset and then left the park. I didn’t return to the park for years because I was visiting the area for some recreational activities.

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