Tell Somebody to tell somebody about Crochet Society’s new Instagram page

Crochet society now has a new Instagram page since its former Instagram page is disabled.

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I need your help!
Oh lovely crocheters, we’ve had the ultimate nightmare – Instagram closed our account!

They haven’t told us what we did wrong and we’ve been through all the stages of appeal to get it back, but our account is gone and we’re having to start again from scratch. I’m sure you all know how much work goes into social media, and as the person who initially set up the Crochet Society account and ran it myself for the first six months, I’m absolutely gutted, but we can only look forward.

I would consider it a huge personal favour if you could share our new account with your followers, to help us reach out to the crochet community and build our numbers back up.

Please also make sure you’re tagging any posts you think we might want to share with #crochetsociety – a big part of the Crochet Society instagram is about introducing our community to new designers and we use this hashtag to find people who want us to share their posts.

Thank you so so much for your time, and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Kate xxx

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