Machine Knitting: A-Z of Machine Knitting- Letter N is for …

Letter N in machine knitting is for …

Needle: This is a metal piece with a hook, butt, stem and latch that sits on the bed of the knitting machine and when the carriage passes over it, it moves in and out thereby producing knitwear if the carriage passes over it with yarns.

Needle Bed: This is the area of the knitting machine where the needles are.

Needle Selection: This is a manual or electronic patterning mechanism that chooses which needles on the knitting machine should be in working positions (upper and lower), non-working position, or hold position which is the up and down movement of the needles on the needle bad.

Needle Gauge: This is the size of the needle or the space between the needles on the knitting machine.

Notes: These are written records of points and\ or ideas. Notes help in memory recall.

Neck opening: This is the open area for the neck on the knitwear.

Neckband: This is the band around the neck of the knitwear.

Needle pusher: This is a knitting machine accessory that is used to push the needles on the needle bed of the knitting machine to different positions like working, non-working, upper and hold positions.

Neat finishing: This is the act or process of ensuring that the knitwear has no loose yarns that need to be darned. This is a term used to ensure that the darning of loose yarns of the knitwear is done tidily or tidy.

Needle mechanism: This is the manual or electronic movement of the knitting needles on the needle bed when the carriage passes over or when it is manually moved by the knitter thereby creating a patterned stitch if the yarn is used in the needle and carriage.


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