XRX Stitches Inc. takes the exit route as it files for bankruptcy

XRX Stitches Inc has closed its company.

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After 32 years of doing events and 40+ years in business, we find ourselves at the end. We are saddened that what we’ve built can no longer survive in the present economic climate.

As of today, XRX, Inc. no longer exists. We want to thank you for the friendship and support that so many of you have given us. It’s been a wonderful ride. But all good things…

The company is officially in the process of being dissolved. Per our bankruptcy lawyer’s instructions, all our accounts have been closed, and all our future Stitches events and projects have been canceled.

For those to whom we owe money or who have credits with us… you will be contacted in the near future via mail by our lawyer. We will be liquidating all business assets to go into a trust account that will then be used to pay back creditors as is possible. Please don’t contact us directly. Per our lawyer’s advice, all communications will go directly through him.

We’re sorry we couldn’t make it work. Please believe us when we tell you we tried.

We wish you success and happiness in all your future endeavors.

Thank you.

— XRX, Inc. Management

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