Digital Art: Clip Studio Paint releases design tutorial themes for August 2023

Clip Studio Paint has announced the tutorial themes for August 2023 and the entry period is August 1 to August 31, 10:00 JST/01:00 UTC

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Now accepting tutorials for TIPS of the Month

Entry period

August 1 ~ August 31, 10:00 JST/01:00 UTC

Each month, we select the best tutorials on Tips according to monthly themes, with prizes totalling US$10,000! This month’s themes are Pencil drawing in CSP, Favorite Layer Property palette feature, and Prop design for fantasy drawings.

Theme 01
Pencil drawings in ClipStudioPaint


Pencil drawings can be anywhere from ultra-realistic to rough gesture sketches. Tell us your tricks when using the Pencil tool on Clip Studio Paint when drawing an illustration or just recommended settings for the perfect pencil!

Theme 02
Favorite Layer Property palette feature


The Layer Property palette changes based on what type of layer is selected and lets you control your drawing in different ways. Border effect, Extract line, Tone, and Layer color. How do you use these to edit your piece?

Theme 03
Prop design for fantasy drawings


When you think of fantasy you think of a knight with their broadsword, a sorcerer with their magic staff, potions, and other small props. How do you use Clip Studio Paint to aid in your creation of fantasy worlds through prop element creation?