Reminisce of a Crafter: Season 2, Episode 9: Delusion of Grandeur #keepingUpillusion

Cynthia came into her house and drops her bag on her room table.

Hearing how some craft companies have closed recently has set her heart racing. Some of these companies are big names in the craft sector.

Taking a look at herself in the mirror, as she sits down at her dressing table, she discovers that she is living in lies. She is now deep in thought. She has an imaginary crown on her head and she loves being referred to as a queen in the creative industry of which she knows that she is not.

Well, she is a queen of “Delusion of Grandeur” and she knows that fully well but who else knows this? She wondered.

The reality came up when her failing business was on the brink of collapsing and she needs to keep up appearances. She can’t afford to pay employees so she laid them off using COVID-19 as an excuse after getting help from the government regarding it. The mask she wears for the public is different but deep within her, she is terrified.

As she wipes the makeup off her face, she takes one last glance at the mirror. She looks down at herself as she remembers that she has employed another to make her business look like it is booming. Now, she has to go and work like a consultant to get paid so she can pay her employees. The business is all past glory that she is enjoying.

“I am truly struggling” she muttered to herself.

Her mind drifts to her competitor. The competitor seems like she is excelling. She has even launched new crafts to boost her business. The competitor has launched a craft course and the classes are booming but her plan was to do classes and more but hmmmm!

She throws the used makeup tissue into a bin and went to bed still thinking of how she got herself into this delusional path. Her thought flashes to her recent bragging and she wondered why she had to do it.

She has nothing new to showcase just reinventing the old in different colours.

As she shuts her eyes to sleep, she wrestles with her thoughts… “Will she continue keeping this illusion or be true to herself.”

“This social media life is where everyone is rich and we know social media is a leveller. Regardless of who you are in real life, everyone is equal on social media” she said as she falls asleep.