Craft Magazine: It is with great sadness, and yet full hearts, that we must announce that the next issue #48 of Pom Pom Quarterly will be our last– Pom Pom

Pom Pom magazine has just announced that issue 48 will be its last issue.

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Dear beloved friends of Pom Pom,

It is with great sadness, and yet full hearts, that we must announce that the next issue of Pom Pom Quarterly will be our last.

We started Pom Pom in 2012 in our mid-twenties, with £600 and next to no publishing or business experience. From the very first issue, our readers were our biggest champions, and the feeling of having the creative project that we were passionate about be encouraged, cherished, and uplifted by the making community is one of the proudest accomplishments of our lives.

Our team grew as we moved forward, and we have been honoured to have incredibly talented people spend years of their lives working as hard and as passionately as we have on Pom Pom. We have also worked with some of the most talented craft professionals in the world, without whose innovative designs and thoughtful writing we would be nothing.

Pom Pom grew beyond our wildest dreams: offices in the UK and US, over 700 stockists around the world, and thousands upon thousands of our magazines and books in your hands.

Pom Pom was founded during a renaissance of printed magazines, when many believed print was dead. We knew that makers are tactile people, and our readership appreciated the beautiful paper and lithographic printing that has always been a hallmark of our publications. We have always sold more in print than digitally. The world has changed unimaginably since our foundation. The cost of paper and printing has more than doubled in recent years, as has the cost of shipping. Though we tried many, many ways of continuing to make Pom Pom work as a print publishing company, we cannot continue without compromising the values on which we were founded. It has been an incredibly difficult struggle but we can safely say we gave it our all.

ur last issue, #PPQ48, will be published in January 2024. It is among the best issues we’ve ever produced. We have many costs to cover in the coming months, not least supporting our incredible staff and freelance collaborators. If Pom Pom has been a meaningful part of your crafting life over the past twelve years, we would like to humbly request that you help get us through this difficult stage of our beloved small business by pre-ordering our final issue, buying back issues or books, or even just sharing this call for support. It hasn’t been our style to ask for help in the past, but any small or large purchases you can make at this time mean the absolute world to us.

We love you, dear Pom Pom readers. Thank you for believing in us from the start. Here’s to one more issue we can’t wait to share with you this spring.

All our love,
Lydia + Meghan

Everything in print except our final two issues is now 50% off in our online shop. We hope you find something you love.

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