The month of March is “National craft” month

march in national craft month

The month of march is “national Craft month”.

Enjoy crafting for hobbies or business.

Be you a/an;

  •  quilter
  •  sewist,
  •  greeting card-maker/paper-crafter,
  • jeweler,
  • machine knitter,
  • hand knitter
  • crocheter,
  • digital/computer crafter,
  • textile designer,
  • graphic designer,
  • artist,
  • interior decorator,
  • caterer,
  • sugarcrafters,
  • bakers,
  • needlework designer/cross-stitcher,
  • craft designer,
  • milliner,
  • fashion designer,
  • and much more

Enjoy your craft this month without a hint of guilt, because it is “National craft” month!


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